The Stihl 180 is a homeowner-grade chainsaw, offering light weight and strong cutting performance in a compact package. This condition is deemed to be normal for any chainsaw with a similar bar & chain lubricating system. I took it back to dealer and they kept it for a week. Login with username, password and session length, Weekend warrior, Peterson JP test pilot, Dolmar 7900 and Stihl MS310 saws and  the usual collection of power tools, Model 6020-20hp Manual Thomas bandsaw,TC40A 4wd 40 hp New Holland tractor, 450 Norse Winch, Heatmor 400 OWB,YCC 1978-79, Timberking B20 15000 hours +  Case75xt grapple + forks+8" snow bucket + dirt bucket   770 Oliver   Lots(too many) of chainsaws, Like the Echo saws and the Stihl and Husky     W5  Case loader   1  trailers  Wright sharpener     Suffolk  setter Volvo MCT125c skid loader, Re: New MS 201 didn't work after refueling, Quote from: Al_Smith on March 10, 2013, 02:09:48 PM, Quote from: barak on March 10, 2013, 02:28:18 PM, Quote from: Nick Walkley on March 11, 2013, 05:17:42 AM, Quote from: joe_indi on March 11, 2013, 04:03:37 AM, Quote from: thecfarm on March 11, 2013, 03:36:23 PM. Hope this helps you. The way to start from cold is 2 pulls full choke , 1 at half then start on I setting (run setting). You can have as many as you wish If the unit continues to seep oil after a few days, the problem may be the vacuum relief valve located in the side of the engine housing between the oil output hole and the bar stud (s). If the temperature drops below freezing then it’s going to be a good idea to bring your chainsaw inside a heated part of your home. Started by ljohnsaw var myimages2=new Array() Chainsaw hard to start after refueling I have a 455 rancher chainsaw model; that is 4-6 years old has cut 4-6 cords of wood a year. You will want to remove all the dirt, grime, and wood chips. You should select a refilling site at least 3 meters away from your working location where you will start up the chain saw. */ This is usually caused by wear and tear of the rope after a long time usage. var myimages2=new Array() myimages2[2]="../../../images/top-banner/woodland2.png" Random Image Link Script- By JavaScript Kit( If it starts up you likely have a fuel system problem, but if it doesn't start, your ignition module or coil is likely almost finished. I wish to know the best possible procedure of cold start as under heat. Omniscient "Knows pique" //specify random images below. 7. var myimages=new Array() I just got my first gas chainsaw from the local Stihl dealer (now closed for the weekend), an MS 170 and used it earlier today. imagelinks[5]="" Bad or corroded spark plugs, faulty wiring connections, broken wires, faulty ignition module or an improper air gap between the flywheel and the ignition module will all stop the engine from combusting. I replaced the spark plug, and checked the spark – all is okay. A chainsaw is a reliable tool, but if it chainsaw won’t start then no need to panic. var myimages=new Array() Take care not to spill fuel. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. var imagelinks2=new Array() I had the same problem with my Stihl ms 270. My Stihl MS 310 chainsaw dies a few seconds after I start it. if (ry==0) If the porcelain insulator is cracked, an electrode has been burned away or damaged, or there is heavy carbon buildup at the electrode, replace the spark plug. Before you start your chainsaw, always do the basic checks. random_imglink() ... but by any chance are you choking it after refueling? If your chainsaw stalls instead of producing the reassuringly high-pitched sound of a healthy engine when you … } I just replaced the fuel pump bulb on my Stihl FS 250 Trimmer/Brush cutter. imagelinks[2]="" imagelinks2[1]="" function random_imglink2(){ //specify corresponding links below It has a green choke tap that can be pulled all the way out for for full choke and pushed half way in for half choke. I just replaced the fuel pump bulb on my Stihl FS 250 Trimmer/Brush cutter. Recently I adjusted the low idle because it would not stay running at idle. Start the chainsaw away from the refueling area and allow it to warm for a few minutes. How to Check Your Spark Arrestor When Your Chainsaw Won't Start Tuning a Poulan Pro Chain Saw Stihl has been making chainsaws for more than 70 years and the 017 is part of that history. STIHL recommends the use of genuine STIHL replacement parts. myimages[1]="../../../images/top-banner/forestryforum_362.jpg" imagelinks[6]="" myimages2[1]="../../../images/top-banner/woodland1.png" Random Image Link Script- By JavaScript Kit( ry=1 Over 200+ free JavaScripts here! Also, after refueling, the unit may not start. My Chainsaw Runs Then Stalls. When your Stihl chainsaw starts, but only after battling the starter rope, you likely have one of two problems: a bad spark plug or poor gas flow. If it won't start at all you may have gone too far and flooded the engine. What we have looked at already covers the vast majority of times when a chainsaw won’t start. These common problems will drop any engine, which is why you should check for these during your scheduled maintenance checks and tune-ups. In this case, the problem of breakage lies in the muffler, which can simply be clogged by any deposits that arise through the operation of the device , and which settle in the exhaust process. thanks to you guys! If by any means, though, you have Stihl Chainsaw starting problems, you can follow the above tips to get things back to normal. //specify corresponding links below Question in comments. imagelinks2[2]="" function random_imglink(){ on Chainsaws. 9 Adjust the low-speed and idle with a screwdriver if the saw engine dies when the throttle is released. Feb 16, 2008. Check the coil and springs. var ry=Math.floor(Math.random()*myimages2.length) Random Image Link Script- By JavaScript Kit( How to Repair a Stihl MS291 that Won’t Start – Diagnostics – Including Piston Replacement Date: December 18, 2018 Author: Richard Tomlinsen 4 Comments Here I document, with pictures, the procedure taken to repair a Stihl MS291 Chainsaw that would not. 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