Onion Creek Remodel

We were contacted by an awesome gentleman who was looking for help remodeling his condo. He wanted to completely remodel his master bathroom, create an opening into his atrium so that it’s accessible through the master bedroom, paint the living room, cut two openings so that sunlight can come through into the living room, tile his guest bathroom floor, and install glass blocks to complete a wall. So, we were honored to be selected for the project!

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Interior Flooring

It’s a fact that deep down in your carpet there can be live bacteria. Don’t rent a carpet cleaner hoping that it reaches deep down, call us to get rid of your carpet. We can install beautiful hardwood floors, wood floor porcelain tiles planks, laminate flooring, or even ceramic tile.

Replacing the carpet in your high traffic areas can reduce the headache that comes with trying to keep carpet clean. Flooring can drastically alter the feel of your home or office space and attract wanted guest.

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