We had a client that wanted to realize his dream of having a wonderful outdoor living space to share with his family and friends. After meeting with him, he quickly realized that we were the firm that seemed to care the most and was the most professional. His request was a patio and patio cover that spanned 15 ft x 15 ft. He wanted it to slightly slope, contain dimmable recessed lighting, stained wood under bottom, and two fans. After making the proper arrangements, we were there to pour the concrete patio and provide him with the knowledge that he needed so that his pets wouldn’t ruin the concrete patio.

After the concrete patio was poured and dried properly, we returned and began making the outdoor space of his dreams. He was so enthusiastic that he joined in to help us. After 5 days of work, his dream was finally realized. We presented him with his patio and patio cover of his dreams. He had requested that we left the post in their original condition, because he wanted to add the finishing touches to his patio. So we did exactly what he asked. We received a phone call recently from him stating that he finally was able to find time to paint the post and wanted to thank us again for our hard-work.

When working with Ultra Services Remodeling, this type of story is common. Our clients feel a sense of calm and ease, because they know they will be treated with the highest respect and will receive the best quality. We are in business to make Texas beautiful and make Texans love their properties!