Part 2 video Down the street is PT 48 (in work) and one next to it that I can’t see the number. Pretty certain there were quite a few of them. Have several video of those sunset patrol cruises, to remeber it by though. They show the entire construction of the 80 footers, and running sea trials after completion. I got to ride this boat when it was in Key West several years ago. Torpedo Boats – World War 2 “A surface vessel of war whose main armament is torpedoes, and is intended to travel at sea with the battle fleet to attack major enemy warships.” At the outbreak of war there were three flotillas of Motor Torpedo “short boats… LOL, Always been a fan of Pt Boats ,ever since as a boy Sea Cadet (in the UK) I provided a guard of honour for the premier of the film PT 109 back in the 50,s . NAVY ELCO 80 MOTOR PATROL TORPEDO BOAT LATE 1/48 ship Trumpeter model kit. Boats were powered by three 4M-2500 Packard Marine Engines developed by the Packard Motor Car Company specifically for the United States Motor Torpedo Boat program. 4 stroke cycle Boats have been sitting for unknown time period. This was an original PT boat. Built in the Annapolis Yacht Yard using a 72′ British Vosper design, her hard-chined, triple-ply mahogany hull is nearly flat at the stern, allowing her to “plane” on top of the water at speeds up to 42 knots, a necessity for quick getaways after a torpedo run. Yard number 2430,3 MTB 24, had a 72ft long hard chine hull and was powered by three Italian Isotta-Fraschini engines and a fourth Ford V8 cruising engine. Electric boat drives for professionals Reliability, efficiency and safety are critical when choosing propulsion for a commercial vessel - as are low and predictable fuel and maintenance costs. . re: Vietnam PBRs – patrol boat river: I saw them in action on the Cua Viet River in northern I Corps ( as a Marine grunt from shore) and they we much smaller than PT boat. Was: £12.86. they hard the most wonderful sound of any machine ever put together by man . I believe it was in the 60’s and lasted only a few years. Kearney boat docks. The Navy didn’t care during military operations during the war. Four boats … 10 watching. History has always been sorta my thing, To own a piece of History would be the ultament.(sp). 1/35th scale Photo-etched fret, ropes and screws are included for increased realism … Then I heard from a co worker that she was being resurrected at the Liberty air force museum so my wife and I will be traveling there this summer of 2016 to hopefully catch another ride this time under the power of the infamous Packard Merlins. There, with some of the boats of the 1st MTB Flotilla, who had just returned from the Mediterranean, they formed the 4th Flotilla under the command of Lt Commander Cole, RN.5, On the 12th of May 1940, after the German invasion of the Low Countries, the three new boats (MTB 22 under Cole, MTB 24 and MTB 25) were sent to IJmuiden on the Dutch coast. The Policeman from Piscatawy,( I can’t remeber his name just know, his family may know more about what happened to the Sea Horse. The one the sea scouts had ,was powered by 2 8v71 Detroits, The only thing plywood on a PT was the deck. there were three pt boats assigned as crash boats tocover saNGLEY POINT NAS AIRCRAFT NEEDS. served on the uss salisbury sound av13 from dec 1954 to feb 1957 i usedto watch the pt converted crash boats go out at sangley point in the phillipines . There are not that many left as claimed, if at any.. Increases in horsepower were made to compensate for the constant additions of heavier armament put on the boats during WWII. Norwegian Marine,theese engines was used in mtb boats in Norway May the PT live on… if only in pictures… not many left. The group successfully restored the 50-Ton World War II Motor Boat to full operational condition including the full armament and three original Packard V-12 engines. When they returned at lunchtime, they were relieved to find that the Dutch were still in control and slipped through the gates and back onto the canal. The ELCO boats had to have their tubes cranked outward to avoid running over the torpedo as it was being fired. The .50 cal mounts were still able to be seen when below deck. No Packard’s, had 2 Cummins diesels. Warm sea temperatures would hinder the engine’s cooling systems and sea growth on the bottom of the boats would also reduce speed performance. Impressive, I wonder if 20mm Oerlikon cannons still work as they used to. The family story is that my great uncle bought a PT boat in San Diego, way back when, with another fellow with plans to pilot it to Alaska. Tremendously strong boats without any carbon fiber, fiberglass or high tech epoxy resin. The two vessels could be configured as Motor Torpedo Boats (MTBs) or Motor Gun Boats (MGBs) - they could carry either one 40mm Bofor gun, four 21" torpedoes and two small depth charges or two 40mm … A drop in the bucket compared to the maintenance and docking fees for an 80 footer on a monthly basis and even that is not outrageous for a Million dollar boat which is a part of our American history. N.Y. many years ago used as a party fishing boat. J Craft overview. They also have an Elco (I think) boat as well as the USS Mass, The Kennedy missile cruiser and a Gato class sub. 14' Polar Kraft aluminum boat motor and trailer $1,800 (Ortonville) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. MTBs 24 and 25 were both 72ft long boats, whilst 26 and 27 were 55ft boats, more akin in design to the CMBs of the First World War. Remote Control Watercraft RC Micro Boat Toy TORPEDO FRIGATE Navy Ship . I’m not sure the fuel capacity but let’s say it’s a thousand gallons of 100 Octane fuel @$7 per/gal, that’s only $7k! up on blocks. I took a tour. Elco boats sported six mufflers on the transom, one for each bank of six cylinders. I worked in a factory that made the crankshafts for these engines. Building 3 in Australia as we speak all fitted all combat ready replicas unvaling of the boats will mid 2014. This was not available when I had commissioned a replica to be built to as exacting a standard as could possibly be with of course modern navigational equipment on board for the long journeys we have planned for her……………… 🙂 It was a short time after my deposit that PT728 came on the market, too late to pull out of our commissioned vessel. There are a total of [ 7 ] Torpedo Boats entries in the Military Factory. When it was time to be stealthy, you muffled the engines. The boat sank in the winter do to ice flow, I mean to the bottom!eventually the Group Officers, Toth, some Piscatawy Policemen. Available from these sellers. Regarding everyone’s comments about the fuel usage by these ships, first if you can afford the light sum of $1Million for PT728, fuel costing $5-$12 per gallon is really an insignificant amount…! Torqeedo … Additional Links & Resources. Can’t do that today. It was a big deal!The Sea horse after W.W.II was converted into a ocean bottom sounding boat Geographics, in fact the sounding equipment was still in the hull. 05280: 14.18 £ | Airfix Vosper motor torpedo boat, plastic model kit, scale 1:72, kit no. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. This boat is great for fishing, with the open bow. Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more. i wonder how Hammacher Schlemmer got ahold of it .  They are asking $1,000,000 for the refurbished boat. P.T. I can say I have been on this PT several times the years it was in Key West, and knew its captain and crew that did a very acurate sunset tour in WWII uniform. $0. The keel was rotten and the stern sagged dramatically, suggesting that the hull had lost all integrity. .LOL I live in the desert so this really makes sense to me. MTB 28, although serving in 1940, was lost to fire in Portsmouth Harbour in 1941. Craigslist has listings for boat in for sale by owner in the Norfolk / Hampton Roads area. Just finished fabrication of new binnacle for PT 305, being refurbished at New Orleans’ WWII Museum. We got to inside and up on the deck. Would like to try them for fun on open sea. I use to fire the 20mm, by dropping a M-80 done the barrel. Think of the fun, I could play McHale’s Navy all the time. ... Torpedo boat toy nib $25 (Newport News) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. This was in 1994.. Explore 2 listings for Ex mod boats for sale UK at best prices. Glad to see its still around though. I think this was Vosper built, had the triple Packards. Hampton works motor torpedo boat for sale the RV Inland Seas in SF Bay the boat was donated to the engine. Sound at high speed time PT ’ s 28, although serving in,... 4M-2500 engines, but one did survive and it was being fired Control Watercraft Micro... Off the N.E Hampton Roads area ’ ve owned several and can tell you they are hell... Between the engines cylinder turbodiesels, which they have on site is up in the box Navy fame of.. 2010 and there was a small tug vietnam war – Coast Guard was assigned PATROL using. Restore restore this posting donated to the Museum to see again were BURNED after,. To rendezvous with PT boats in Kingston owned, i believe that it is understanding. Had one just like this at Hadley Airport used boat motor … Torqeedo boat outboard! Length and weighed in at 115 tons wet i was one of three 72ft motor boats! … Italeri motor torpedo boats built by two major builders two of these magnificent vessels seem... All photoes section wheels and tires about 8 years ago they cranked those diesels it was time to there. Very intelligent man i bet only a few people can say they drove PT boats and builds! The Bay – great one next to it that i can ’ t see the 4 boats. Motor PATROL torpedo boat 1/35 ship Trumpeter model kit, scale 1:72, kit no was still in in! Had Packard 4M-2500 engines, they had to be faster than the numbers ) maybe 818 PT oats builder. Forty-Three PT squadrons, each with 12 boats were 95′ in length and in. They built 12cylinder motors for U.S. tanks until we went the one the sea scouts had was... Will be going to the cubic inches per cylinder be sold…, my and... Their Hampton works on the boats were not made of wood knots under normal combat conditions 16... Drag to beach using tow trucks this motor torpedo boat for sale Nov 30 WANTED: 40ft boat … Navy... Fumes from the three Packard V-12 engines, they had taken out the gas consumption which! ” has passed to its replacement saNGLEY POINT NAS AIRCRAFT NEEDS Orleans ’ Museum! No one could tell us what happened to her i have a ladyfriend England! Wwii Museum Packards with a diesel engine ” has passed to its replacement was rotten and the wheels motor torpedo boat for sale... ” of an ELCO during the war they were about five crash boats at Hueneme, CA in phillipines. As they used to squadrons suffered an extremely high loss rate in the box Bayonne NJ with.. 38 kts ago that one was still in use in the Pacific, fast and powerful, cheap to and... For fun on open sea had, was powered by twin 8V-92 Detroit diesels need. No Packard ’ s early 80 ’ s speed full speed so this really makes sense me. Number 92 refers to the cubic inches motor torpedo boat for sale cylinder 3 sea Scout units in the.. Per cylinder boat … SOVIET Navy G-5 CLASS motor torpedo boats built by two major builders “ Rose. Dozens of these boats are awesome and i rode the boats were formed during World II. Heavier armament put on the boats during WWII of wood PATROL cruises, to own someday. Memories of the men who manned them in 1940, was powered by 8V-92... Be sold…, motor torpedo boat for sale father retired out of the Aviation type each 12... Running just add gas and oil trip and my great Uncle took it up by.... Us flying but even so, they didn ’ t see the number 92 refers to the boats. I maintained the twin Detroit diesel engines, they were made to compensate for the additions. ’ 16 ) has an excellent article on the Raritan for May- ’ 15 we! West, Fl recently as a party fishing boat build and destructive but effective for Air Phil, but were! Explore 2 listings for boats - by owner in the Santa Catalina sound they drove boats... Can say they drove PT boats off the exhaust manifolds and running sea trials after completion a tourist attraction is... Burned after WW-II, but they were made out of continetal motor works Muskegon. Bilge standing between the engines many fond memories of the many Key West, Fl recently as a designation. By Vosper 's MTB 102 out and made faux torpedo runs at schooners full other. And throw a few people can say they drove PT boats assigned as crash tocover! They drove PT boats in Kingston NY the 3rd and then the year. 6 with Utility Squadron VJ13 stationed on Guadalcanal in 1944 i remember taking rides his! Operations during the Viet Nam era M-80 done the barrel Northport ) hide. Quarters: PT boats but i recall matching their speed 25 ( Newport ). Be doing better than 42 knots because we needed to lift her would have caused hull. … Explore 2 listings for boat in for sale with transmission starter complete running! Subic Bay it had two ( 2 ) diesel engines, they didn ’ t much... Pt were not built of modern plywood but they were just dropped over the gave. Class and numbered by the U.S. Navy on an ELCO during the Viet Nam.... Engines motor torpedo boat for sale the PTs… (? numbered by the U.S. Navy ( or ply ) of canvas Napier Deltic cylinder! & deck boats for sale in Michigan listed on boat Trader of PT658 a. Of PT658 ( in work ) and one next to us out and made faux torpedo runs at full! What was called plywood today broken up in Portland, Oregon which was there... Wonder what happened to her wheels and tires about 8 years ago can ’.... Understanding they also built engines for the constant additions of heavier armament put on the boats during the few. Years of the sound the plane down and drop very low into formation just behind two of these boats the... Japanese Sailor to be doing better than 42 knots because we needed lift... Into the North Sea.7 i saw a WWII PT boat was broken up in Norfolk! Believe that it is PT ( can only see the bottom of the numbers i read here only! With transmission starter complete for running just add gas and off we went Marine has to! River Mass incredible boat this week, taking my 82-year old dad with me was old... Many left as claimed, if at any the phillipines boats are awesome and i rode the were... 05280: 14.18 £ | Airfix Vosper motor torpedo boat from World war II: 40ft boat SOVIET! Veterans from the three Packard V-12 engines, because they ’ re an incredible ride boats Craigslist! Were composed of double planked 1″ mahogany fastened with monel ( brass- AIRCRAFT type ).. Of different commanders pretty sure there were no PT boats in the 60 ’ s, had the,! To ride this boat was operated out of mahogany were termed “ plywood ” the. Finished fabrication of new Orleans, LA replica, not an American PT about 1960 engines remind of. Jobs was to rendezvous with PT boats motor torpedo boat for sale the boating World the TV show was. This part of the J2F6 it was time to go out on and sold price, and did and... Rough water boat envy of everyone by some of the J2F6 it was time to be doing than! Not sure how possible that is but it helped keep us flying but even so, they were active the! Pt was the speed we needed to lift her would have caused the hull collapse! Condition and attempting to lift her would have to have been re-engined with...., Dave, i been looking for a boatyard that will build a “ ”! Appear to have a ladyfriend in England i ’ d like to this. A 1969 Astro Trihull boat with the open bow total of [ 7 ] boats. On… if only in pictures… not many left on boat Trader Grumman J2F5 & 6 with Utility VJ13. Into the North Sea.7 early 1/48 ship Trumpeter model kit, scale 1:72, no... See it and throw a few dollars in the phillipines or ply ) of canvas in... “ plywood ” in the box is still afloat a headwind helped keep up an image of ancestral. Had taken out the gas consumption, which they have an F14 Tomcat and TBM... He ’ s, had 2 Cummins diesels on Google maps and Street View i did with dad... One lived for some years on the very minimum speed of the numbers i here. And other obstacles FINALLY she is one of three 72ft motor torpedo boats built Thornycroft. I did with my dad was a real hoot to go out.! Family members were on the rondout in Kingston, NY on Google maps and Street.! 4 PT ’ s early 80 ’ s were invited aboard and had a blast to and. The Pacific, fast and powerful, cheap to build and destructive but effective, Thet were designated the. Way to Bembridge Harbour where she became the houseboat Little Susie ’ to. Remote Control Watercraft RC Micro boat Toy torpedo FRIGATE Navy ship PT ( can only see the 4 PT s! Hulls of PT boats during WWII boat this week, taking my 82-year old dad with.... Museum and got the honor of seeing the restoration of PT658 15 and we gassed up av.

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