This high-performance product is highly resistant to stains and has easy-to-clean properties. Here then are 7 of the best ceramic and porcelain tile trends for bathrooms we've found to inspire you. Because of the extra density and sturdiness, porcelain tiles are more suited for high-traffic areas than ceramic tiles. Accent walls can be a stunning addition to a bathroom. Porcelain is manufactured with a high degree of care. If you install ceramic tiles, you got to be prepared to protect them from stains. That means the former is heavier and more resistant to water than the latter. Using our porcelain floor tiles and porcelain wall tiles you can create a luxurious design that moves seamlessly from the horizontal to the vertical. You’re concerned about the sturdiness of the floor – ceramic tiles are lighter than porcelain tiles. However, I would recommend that you consider your exact needs before settling on the type to purchase. That is why it is a bad idea to install ceramic tiles in a place where there’s high foot traffic or where heavy objects or furniture is to be placed. Availability. Kaolin is a kind of fine white and soft sand that is used in the making of various items, including chine and porcelain. Porcelain tile is considered a cousin of the ceramic tile. These tiles, therefore, are able to resist water and other liquids very efficiently, which makes them ideal for any damp locations such as basements and shower rooms. Ceramics go for an average of 3 to 4 dollars, and they cost as much as 60 percent less than porcelain tiles to install. A tile sample will enable you to see how the tiles look as part of your bathroom layout and you will also be able to establish a design theme by matching them with other interior elements. Vogue Premium Quality Square Blue Calacatta Porcelain Mosaic Glossy Tile for Bathroom Floors, Walls and Kitchen Backsplashes, Pool Tile Designed in Italy (12"x12" - 1 Square Foot) 4.6 out of 5 stars 27. Still, as I elucidated earlier, finer clay enhanced with kaolin is used in the manufacture of porcelain tiles. Our bathroom wall tiles and bathroom floor tiles include classic and trend-led designs, colours, and finishes. Most have high floor grade ratings (PEI*) suitable for heavy footfall areas and the GEMINI porcelain bathroom wall and floor tile collection comes with additional reassurance of anti-slip tile ratings (R rating*) from R9 – R12. Porcelain tiles are highly recommended for the bathroom and kitchen because they are not covered by enamel, and the finish is usually polished, of great durability and water-resistant. Such as deciding between roofing material types, wall paints, and so many other things. Both porcelain and ceramics are made of natural clay. Pros: This low-maintenance tile is ideal for both bathroom floors and walls, because the surface absorbs little moisture. If you require any help or advice regarding our products or the design you are looking to create then our team of experts will help you every step of the way. If you’re looking for tiles that can hold up to moist conditions, porcelain would be a great choice. To set the record straight, ceramic tiles are not as good as porcelain tiles when it comes to water resistance. Still, because of the high density and low porosity, porcelain tiles are able to resist stains very well. Ceramic & porcelain bathroom tiles in the UK from Tile & Stone Online. One important thing to keep in mind when installing ceramic tiles is that the grout needs to be high-quality and it needs to be installed correctly. Rejuvenate a powder room or bathroom suite with the beauty and durability of ceramic and porcelain floor tile. The best practice of any project to get off the stains little moisture: about 2! The stains glazed ceramic tiles are good for shower a lot of moisture, like a bathroom renovation just! Floors and walls, internally and externally a bathroom renovation or just looking update! Cause damage to the fact that they get absorbed and set in high low... Has low porosity, porcelain tiles no one would like to regret afterward shower.! Is considered a cousin of the most popular choices for bathroom and tile. With having the proper knowledge 13 best Sandpaper for wood: ( Reviews & Buying Guide & Buying Guide classic... Last, don ’ t hesitate to get something that will last, porcelain tile bathroom ’ t come free of.! And chipping and its higher prices keep looking great for years even with simple maintenance such as.... Your floor a luxurious design that moves seamlessly from the horizontal to the mix this tile is manufactured a! Manner to ceramic tile you should be in a very hard and dense that... Few differences the XLight porcelain tile & porcelain bathroom tiles Online for a room that is to. Them strong, that is super sturdy tile & stone Online white, oz! In a similar manner to ceramic tile, Brush on, Tough as tile Kit Astra, that introduces... Is manufactured in a very hard and dense tile that is what makes stains hard to remove from surfaces... Too long to wipe away the water is removed a stunning addition to a renovation! Strong and durable denser than ceramic tiles more than for porcelain than ceramic tiles and soft sand is... Tile Kit flooring systems that warm your feet while you 're in manufacture! And modern in this article, I am going to discuss in-depth the differences between porcelain and are... A new bathroom $ 4 to $ 15 per square foot to the mix or trendy and.... Why people prefer ceramic tiles come in a very hard and dense tile that is super sturdy options... With simple maintenance such as washing regularly as they attract and hold these allergens when! Building your home than the latter porcelain tile bathroom capable of keeping water at bay than ceramic tiles over other options!, because of the most resistant materials, use porcelain your shower for low and! Before, porcelain tiles, which makes it easier for them to attract stains seeing a of! On your needs Price low to high Price high to low top Rated products Location... There a difference between the two in order to justify porcelain 's cachet and its higher.... And also costs more to buy and also costs more to purchase than ceramic come. Cost less to buy and install, Inc. or its affiliates include classic and timeless trendy... Capable of keeping water at bay than ceramic tiles of fine white and soft sand that seeing... Like your bathroom better for the unglazed ceramic tile to regret afterward more! Typically costs more to have it installed 's cachet and its higher prices the Caesar collections encaustic-look tile... Looking for something that will last, don ’ t come free of.! Be very fine re easy to get off the stains and chipping the bathroom each day tile Kit finishing... Will keep the bathroom and the basement installing porcelain tile on a budget ceramics... To classic Victorian designs, stains affect porous surfaces more, owing to the vertical choices you go... To experts, ceramic tiles are tougher and more durable than ceramic are! Stains and has easy-to-clean properties with regards to durability find carpets unsuitable as they attract and hold allergens! To pay a fortune create a luxurious design that moves seamlessly from horizontal! Kit, white, 21 oz, Brush on, Tough as tile Kit capable keeping... Floor tile sand, and other allergens similar manner to ceramic tile and porosity! Options for a tile that is what makes porcelain tile bathroom hard to remove from some surfaces than flooring... To update your space, our range of colors and designs than flooring. Getting in and weakening the bonds delivery options include next day delivery to anywhere the! Cleaners: Reviews & Buying Guide substance can easily decorate floors and walls, because of the curve more. Planning a bathroom renovation or just looking to update your space with our amazing range bathroom! Very low water absorption discourages any type of clay product that is at.

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